Real-Time Audience Intent Segmentation

Add YieldDay to your existing digital campaigns and see 30% media yield gains or more!


Double Digit Efficiency Gains (Almost immediately)

Double-Digit Efficiency Gains
(Almost immediately)

  • A simple add-on with virtually no adoption curve
  • Does not replace anything you’re already using or considering
  • Scale your campaigns at the new improved yields
  • Costs pennies or less per session
  • And NEVER pay for BOTS again!
How YieldDay Works

How YieldDay Works
(Different and better)

  • Uses machine learning to rank site traffic by conversion potential
  • Scores & segments visitors in real time
  • Ranks buying stage and purchasing intent level of every visitor
  • Syncs back to your digital campaigns in real time to create better and better performing audiences
Adoption is a No-Brainer

Adoption is a No-Brainer
(Because you need it to be)

  • Fully onboard in minutes
  • No technical integration
  • No learning curve
  • No new interface or software
  • No long-term contracts
  • No new manual work required
No Privacy Concerns

No Privacy Concerns
(Or compliance worries)

  • No Cookies
  • No Device ID’s
  • No IP addresses
  • Does not use PII
  • Does not store PII
  • GDPR, CCPA, CPRA compliant
YieldDay Significantly Improves Efficiency
(And scale)

When you add YieldDay to your existing digital campaigns, you’ll see double-digit media yield improvements almost immediately. New clients consistently see 30% gains or more. Our tool monitors, ranks, and segments individuals who meet your conversion criteria, so you are effortlessly targeting only real people - ready to buy, download, or purchase.

YieldDay also aids your efforts to scale your campaigns by giving you the confidence that you can sustain the new yield levels, even when you expand to new media platforms. And, because the tool is built to identify behaviors that have low-to-no conversion potential, you’ll never pay for bots again.

What is YieldDay?
(A simple, add-on tool)

YieldDay does audience creation more accurately than traditional methods. It uses machine learning to rank site traffic by conversion potential. Visitors are scored & segmented in real time based on behavior patterns. Our system knows if a visitor is a real person, their likely buying stage, and purchasing intent level. It segments the right people into your campaign at the right time by monitoring engagement, behavioral intent, and ability to convert into a purchase, download, lead, subscription, or other goals.

YieldDay is a No-Brainer
(No Cookies and No Privacy Concerns)

As digital marketers ourselves, we knew you needed YieldDay to be an absolute no-brainer. So, we engineered it to be a simple add-on with virtually no adoption curve. It does not replace anything you’re already using or considering – it complements it. There’s no software to integrate, so onboarding usually takes only about 15 minutes. You place the pixel, and you’re off and running without cookies or privacy concerns. You won’t need to add labor, specialists, hardware, or IT support to utilize the tool.

Because no PII is needed or exchanged, it’s fully anonymous – we store no data at all.  Just by its nature, you’re in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA.

And even though it seems like Yield Day would be a black box, everything you care about is transparent – you own all the audience data that defines your improved performance.

The cost is just pennies per session. The higher the volume, the lower your cost per session.